Green Smoothie Recipe

Athletic girl holding a green smoothie

2 cups Kale

1 cup coconut milk

1/2 pineapple

1 banana

1 dash cinnamon

1 tbs honey

Combine ingredients in a food processor on high with a few ice cubes.
The kale has tons of vitamins and minerals, along with fiber and antioxidants. Pineapple and banana give a great texture to this smoothie while sweetening the drink up and making it taste like a tropical paradise. Cinnamon and honey add spice and give it a powerful immune boosting kick. Enjoy this smoothie with any other tropical fruits like papaya or mango. The combinations are endless!



To work with virgin hair is a haircolorist’s dream come true! We know what we are dealing with, and we can create many different natural looking dimensions using color to lift and deposit exactly what we want in fewer processes. This is one reason why the ombré look is so popular. We are eagerly awaiting that one client that has just wanted “a trim” every time they sit in our chair to take the plunge and go for it! Get some color!!!! Why? Because its fun and can really brighten up your look. Here is how I did this virgin ombré using color and lightener. 

  I sectioned the hair in 4 quadrants ear to ear and front to back. The back two quadrants I used the back combing ombré technique and applied a 9A with 40 volume. I used the lightener just at the top few pieces. The front two panels I used lightener and balyaged those pieces. When they were finished processing I used a 9N Demi to tone all over, then a 7N on the hairline and pieces that may have grabbed too light. Process for 7 min at room temperature. I then cut the hair to show off the color by giving soft cascading layers focusing on wispiness around her face. 

So, this was technically a very simple ombré to achieve because there is no color in the hair already and we were going for something really natural. If this client had previous color in the hair we would have had a few more steps. Let’s see what that looks like.

   The ombré above was achieved by first toning the hair all over and then using a lightener to balyaged the ends and create the ombré effect. I toned the lightened parts  with a lighter Demi permanent version of the first toner. This is a longer process and can cost extra for time and products used. I chose to tone all over first so that we had a nice even tone to start from.  If you notice, since the hair is previously colored and slightly thicker than the hair above it is actually a slight bit more dull. This is because the cuticle has been blown out from color after color and being a large cortex as it is because it’s thick hair, it will look more “dull”. To fix this problem we may choose to keep the client on a weekly deep conditioning treatment or do a clear gloss every few weeks. 
 The ombré above was done and then the second appointment I dip dyed the ends with lightener and toned from scalp to ends. She has previous color and low lights, which faded and blended in to her natural color. This process takes a few visits or more time in the chair but the dimensions are amazing and this look is very popular.


The ombré above is a before and after of a color correction I did. It’s very important to keep the integrity of the hair when using lightener. You really want to give the hair the proper amount of time to process but not over process, as well as useing the correct developers and toners. The picture on the left is over processed, multiple shades of brassy blondes, and broken on the ends. This hair needs lots of love and attention to details to get it to the desired color on the right. This service costs per hour because of the amount of time and caution being used in this service. We lightened the hair working fast to get an even lift in the areas that needed to be lifted. I then went back with a natural+ash toner to get that super light contrasting look.

So there are 4 different ombré looks I’ve done on a few clients. It’s really a great look on anyone if you get the right tones and placement. It can help brighten your overall look and bring out the contouring of your face. 

Chunky Sweet Potato Soup 

2 large Sweet Potatoes cut into 1in cubes 

 2c Coconut milk 

1c water 

 1 Vegetable Bulion 

Salt and Pepper 

 8 leaves of fresh Sage 

 3-4 dashes of Cumin 

1 tbs Flour (wheat or gluten free) 

 1 tbs Flax seed mill 

 1 tbs Flax seed oil 

 Heat coconut milk and water in a large soup pot on med/hi heat. In small sauce pan heat up vegetable bulion and flax seed oil. When boiling hot add in flax seed mill and flour whisking briskly to avoid clumping. When a paste forms add 1/2 c of the warm coconut milk water mixture. Continue to wisk breifly as the mixture comes to a boil. Add a little more coconut milk to the boiling saucepan. When the mixture starts to build turn heat down and add it to the mixture in the soup pot. This should make the mixture thicken up for a hearty soup. Last, add in the sweet potatoes, sage, salt and pepper. Simmer for 20 min or until potatoes are al dente.

Using a fork, wisk, electric beaters, or food processor, blend in the potatoes to desired consistency. You can make a thick puré or a hearty chunky stew by adjusting the consistency of the blend. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve. Chopped tomatoes and chives are a great topping too! 

Join Me At The Famous Matthew Tully Salon! 

For the past 4 1/2 years I have had the pleasure of building my business in Uptown Dallas at Tanya Carpenter’s Salon Twenty Two. The demand for the location has risen due to an increase of residence in the surrounding blocks so we were forced out of that location. Thankfully I have found a new home, on the same street, just a few blocks away. Matthew and his team have graciously accepted me and my wonderful following of clients into their more intimate and pedestrian ridden building. Settling in at 2815 Allen St, Dallas Tx, 75204, I have been here almost a month now and I am very happy with this location and it’s staff. The surrounding businesses on this block are always busy and the high energy really encapsulates the feeling that you are in uptown Dallas.

My prices have not increased because of the move, and I still prefer Check or cash, but I do also accept all major credit cards. I love that you can call or text the salon at 214-999-1116 for an appointment. You will get a text on your phone directly from our front desk the day before your appointment, and when you come in we have wine, beer, and other refreshments. Come early or stay late and enjoy all the amazing restaurants on the block. We are across the street from the Avenue Nightclub so you can come in for a blowout on the weekend and go straight to the club! 
Let me know when I can do your hair at the amazing Matthew Tully Hairdressing Salon! 

Matthew Tully Hairdressing 

2815 Allen St

Suite 126

Dallas Tx 75204 

214 999 1116 

A Snacker’s Survival Guide

 Being on-the-go causes many of us to snack our way through life. Good thing healthy snacks are easier to come by than you think. Unfortunately, it’s not very good for our waist lines, or our budgets. Here are a few tips to help you snack healthy and successfully. 

1. Buy in bulk and use small containers or baggies to carry around a handful of goodies like raw nuts, dried fruit, or dried vegetables. Veggie chips are also a savory satisfying treat. 
2. Keeping yourself hydrated is key to not over snacking and bottled water is essential in a healthy diet. If you are not a huge water fan, try squeezing lemon, orange, or a lime in the bottle. Citris can naturally help control hunger, so it’s actually a great idea. 
3. The convince of the convince store. Great idea, but also can be a very bad idea! Luckily, in the south we have 7-elevens that have tons of great options. Let me list them for you, and hopefully if you are in another country or part of the USA you can find these gems. 
A.The Complete Cookie…seriously try this thing out! 
B.Kind Bar…Kind of genius!
C. Naked Juice… You will look better naked if you replace a meal or snack with this delicious treat!
D. Muscle Milk, or other protein shakes…Great way to get protein and a few vitamins and minerals. 
E. Fresh fruit or veggies with Hummus…Not organic, but satisfying for on the go. 
F. Dried fruit and veggies…no added sugar, and will satisfy your need for something sweet or salty. 
G. Quest Bar… This is a good all around nutrition bar. 
H. Hard Boild Eggs… Already cooked, just add salt and pepper to taste.
I. Avoid anything high in bad carbs like that burrito or sandwich and grab a Cliff bar instead.
J. Avoid sugary sodas and grab a flavored water or a natural energy drink.
4. Berries…. A carton of berries can be grazed upon all day to give you a satisfied sweet tooth and a bit of energy boost when you need it. 
5. Dark chocolate like Dove or Hershey’s have less sugar and can be a great snack for the sweetest of cravings.
6. Limit snacking for in between means and no more than 100-200 calories per serving, or adjusted to your personal diet goals.
7. If snacking isn’t your thing but you still need some fuel during the day, try cutting up small portions of a meal and eating a few bites between larger meals. 
8. There are tons of on-the-go chain restaurants that have healthy and freshly made snacking options. ie: Snap Kitchen, or My Fit Foods. As easy as it is to pop into a convence store, you can grab an already snack sized portion of things like hummus and veggies, freshly squeezed juice, and even a healthier brownie that tastes like a bad decision. 
9. Do you need to save a little money but still snack 2-3 times a day? Try these small recipes and have them ready to go in the morning. 
a. Lean lunch meat slice around a 1-2oz cheese stick
b. 2 hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper, you can even skip the yolk and stuff the whites with hummus
c. Avocado slices with tomatoes and basalmac 
d. Celery and peanut butter 
e. Yogurt and chopped fruit 
f. Rice cake and peanut butter 
g. Cherry tomatoes and goat cheese 
h. Celery sticks with hummus and olives
i. 100 calorie bag of popcorn add a spice like oregano, rosemary, or cinnamon 
j. Apples and nut butter 

Snacking options are endless! Bon Appétit! 

10 Makeup Tips You Need to Know

1. Use a good moisturizer before applying concealer or a base makeup so that makeup glides over imperfections smoothly and completely. I use 100% pure Shea Butter. It keeps my makeup in place and has many added benefits like vitamins and minerals. It leaves a soft glow for a more youthful appearance. 

2. To set foundation on skin that is oily you can blot off excess oil with a tissue and then apply a loose translucent face powder. 

3. Brows need to be lightly groomed and filled in with a basic brow pencil to match your existing color. Draw on short, feathery strokes and then brush upward into place with a brow brush. Some pencils are now coming with a brush designed like a mascara wand or a small comb attached to the end.

4. These days a lot of women are having individual faux lashes applied by a professional to give them a great no hassle look. It takes time and money though, a lot of what most of us don’t have. The best beauty products I’ve found to combat this desire for mega lashes and keep a little dough in my pocket are Relash by Delilah and Yves St Laurent Faux cils Luxury Volume Mascara. Apply as directed and you will have great looking natural lashes in as little as a few weeks. 

5. Do you have a hard time finding the perfect way to compliment your entire makeup look? Just remember that your lip and cheek color should be in the same color family. So, pink with pink, peach with peach etc. 

6. Clear Eyes eye drops are a great way to compliment your eye makup. One drop in each eye for brighter eyes instantly. 

7. Add a shimmery champaign or white eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes and your brow one to make your whole face appear brighter. 

8. Use coconut oil on a cotton pad as an eye makup remover. It is gentle, yet effective and highly moisturizing. 

9. For easy dimentional eye color, use two shades of eyeshadow in the same color family. The lighter one all over the lid and the darker one on the crease. 

10. For out of control brows, comb them upward and trim the excess hairs off with small cosmetic scissors. This will instantly tame your brows and your overall look. 

Loose Waves Tutorial

What you will need:

1. Clean and conditioned hair

2.    1″ to 1.5″ barrel curling iron.

3.    4-5 hair clips

4. Hairspray

5. Shine Spray

Prep the Hair: Shampoo, condition, and blow dry your hair with a flat brush or big round brush. Concentrating on volume at the root, brush hair towards your face to add lots of volume. Leave in Conditioner, volumizing root spray, and a heat protecting sculpting lotion are great for this look.

Loose Wave Tutorial pic 1

This first set of pictures shows sectioning and a finished right side. Basically the barrel of the curling iron is straight up and down and the curls are directed away from the face. The bigger section in the top left is sub divided into smaller sections (top right).

Loose Wave Tutorial pic 2

After the bottom section is curled, start curling the middle section and finally the top section last. Like you are building the style from the bottom up. In total you will have three sections that are then subdivided on each side of the head. After they are curled let them cool.

Loose Wave Tutorial Pic 3

Once the sections are complete (top left) take a wide tooth comb (top right) and comb out placing hand over the comb and pulling downward so that the curls don’t separate into smaller curls. Spray and then you are done!

The bottom two photos are two different looks. The bottom left is described as above. The bottom right is done by finishing with hairspray underneath the hairstyle and scrunching the curls upwards.

Have a great hair day!

Nectar Thermique by Kérastase


Anyone who has used a heated styling tool knows that it can damage hair leaving it dry and dull. Luckily Kérastase has created a product that gets smoothness, shine, and moisture back into hair. Thermique means heat protection in Kérastase language, and this product makes sure it lives up to it’s name. With Royal Jelly and Xylose packed in it’s creamy base, your hair will be stronger and more resilient to damage caused by heat and wind.

Nectar Thermique is appropriate for all hair types and can be used every time you was your hair. Apply a dime to quarter sized amount from ends to roots and comb through. Style as desired and feel the difference as your hair gets softer and stronger. It costs $46 and will last for 3-4 months with regular use.

Buy this product and the entire line at Salon Twenty Two in Uptown Dallas Tx. Please leave a comment below if you have used it and love it!

All About Conditioner

The shampoo’s purpose is to clean the hair without over-cleaning the hair and drying it out. The Post “All About Shampoo” was about how to cleanse the hair properly with a shampoo and choosing the right one for your hair type. The conditioner’s purpose is to seal the cuticle and treat the hair with different ingredients that are for your hair type. If you have a certain problem with your hair it is imperative that you correct the problem so that it doesn’t get worse and you end up with a giant untamable fur ball on your head. So, that being said….what are the issues you are having with your hair today?

Frizzy- This can occur when the cortex or inner layer of the hair is large, and the cuticle is dry. To correct this problem you need a conditioner that has hydrating oils and is a butter base. This will tame the cuticle around the cortex so the problem hides itself while repairing the damaged hair. Try Kerestase Bain Satin 1 or 2, or Kevin Murphy Young Again

Dry- Lack of moisture plays a big roll in most peoples hair. This is due to several factors like heated tools, too much sun or wind exposure (blowdrying), or chemical processing. These are all factors that can strip the hair of it’s natural oils and proteins leaving it dry, especially on the ends. Try Kerestase Elixir Ultime or Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Rinse

Not shiny enough- if your hair is dull and lifeless this could be for a lot of reasons. Mainly because of damage, but also because you are not getting enough natural oils to the shaft itself. If you are using a shampoo with sodium laurel sulphate then that is one major reason. Another reason may be that you are using a plastic or metal brush and it is not distributing the natural oils from your scalp to the ends. An easy fix, besides changing factors those just mentioned, is a trick I like to use in my shower that produces great results. In your hand, with your conditioner, add a few drops of Argan or Moroccan oil. Disperse evenly, and rinse well. Voila! Added shine that you will see instantly in just a few uses. Try not to over use this technique as it will create excess oil. When you feel like your hair’s condition is improving back off and only do this once every 4 -5 washes. Use oils such as Kerestase Elixer Ultime lines. L’oreal just recently launched their line of “Blended Oils” that are great but, make sure you choose the right ones for your hair type.

Too big- Most likely you have curly hair…. Don’t freak out, there are great options to tame this big hair. My favorites are the entire Kerastase line for curly hair, or Kevin Murphy’s Luxury rinse. There are a few options in the orange Oleo line from Kerastase, and they have made it easy to find the right conditioner for your type of curly hair. You should have a conditioner you use in the shower as well as a leave in conditioner you use when you get out of the shower. Never let your stylist thin out your hair with thinning shears because  your hair is too big, unless they do it at an angle, only in the nape area. Thinning out the hair breaks the curl pattern and even if it sound like a good idea, it ultimately leads to even bigger, frizzier hair. Try Kerastase Oleo Relax, or Oleo Slim.

Limp- Your cortex is small and your cuticles lay very flat. Not attractive, I know. So your best option is a weekly volumizing treatment you can do in your own home, or another great option is the Kerastase line of products for thinning hair. Nioxin also makes a conditioner I love called Scalp Therapy that adds volume while helping hair to grow thicker from the root. Kevin Murphy recently launched the Plumping Line that smells amazing and ultimately does what it says, plumps the hair. Over the last few years Kerastase has developed a few innovative products that I see will make a big trend in volumizing conditioners. They have been launching several new things that correct and treat the problems of fine and thin, or thinning hair. They first and foremost have a line called Volumeactive that adds volume without weighing the hair down. They have since added the Volumifique line which uses more conditioning ingredients in the shampoo while the conditioner’s focus is more on volumizing. This is the innovative product I was mentioning earlier. It is a gel based conditioner, not a cream based as in most conditioners.

Colored Treated- This doesnt exactly mean blondes, although it may be good for blondes, I am referring to Gray color treated, or darker color treated hair. Basically you need something that is going to help extend the life of your color and keep your locks moisturized and shiny until your next visit to the salon. By adding hair oil into your daily routine you can help keep moisture and color in the hair.

Damaged- As I said before, there are 3 types of damages- Chemical, Environmental, and Mechanical. These are rarely avoided because we color and style our hair then go out into the sun and wind. So, that being said, we need to protect our hair as much as possible. Try not shampooing your hair every day, and try out innovative styles that don’t use a blowdryer or curling iron. There are tons of YouTube channels dedicated to this topic.

Bleached or lightened- The process of lightening the hair is basically eating away at the protein of the hair. This process will damage hair, there is no way around it. Depending on the thickness of the cortex, however, makes it easier or harder to damage. So, since the product is eating the protein, the best thing to put back into the hair is protein. Try a conditioner that is moisturizing and has added protein.

Tangles too much- This is overly dry hair or damaged hair. Which in essence is lack of protein in the hair. Try a conditioner with added protein like oat protein or biotin.

Dandruff or Eczema- lets get this straight! Dandruff is caused by a fungus, Eczema is caused by a virus. The only ingredient in a shampoo that will get rid of dandruff is Pyrithione Zinc.If you are having flakes it could also be dry scalp. The only sure way to see what you have can be diagnosed by a doctor or dermatologist. Most shampoos and conditioners on the market today will take care of all the problems as a whole, but if you only have dry scalp there are better ways to take care of it than using this chemical on your hair and possibly damaging your color or over drying the hair. Use a moisturizing conditioner if you feel like your scalp is just dry, if that doesn’t work then call your doctor and get an appointment to see if it really is something more serious.

Curly- Curly hair is typically dry hair. So to keep your locks pretty and bouncy you need a lot of moisture. Try a moisturizing conditioner or add a few drops of hair oil into th conditioner you already use. You can also try this hair mask recipe once a week for 30 min. After you shampoo your hair leave this on for 30 min and rinse thoroughly. Mix 3-4 TBS coconut oil and 1-2 TBS honey and comb through hair. If you feel like the hair has no slip and you need the extra detangling follow up with a conditioner.

Straight- straight hair has it’s own slew of problems, it can be too thick, too thin, too straight, or too blah! Well, the good news is that it is usually the healthiest. A normal conditioner should do the trick!

Normal- Normal conditioner with no frills!

Breakage- A lack of protein and moisture usually causes breakage in hair. A strengthening conditioner is what you need to put the love back in your locks.

Oily Scalp- As I said with the Shampoo post, sulphates usually cause an allergic reaction which causes the PH level to increase and your natural sebum to start over producing. You need a PH balanced conditioner. Most natural conditioners are PH balanced, read the label to see what your conditioner says. If your hair is too oily, this usually means that the PH level is too alkali and needs to be brought to a more acidic level. Apple Cider vinegar mixed with water or baking soda mixed with water can help bring your scalp to a balanced PH level.

Natural Deep Conditioner Recipe

3-4 TBS Coconut Oil
2 TBS Honey

Add 1 tsp baking soda to any shampoo and shampoo hair as normal. Towel dry hair and comb in the conditioning mixture. Wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap for 30 min, then rinse thoroughly. Style hair as desired.

This mixture of Coconut oil and Honey will leave your hair shiny, stronger, and softer. Coconut oil helps balance out porosity and adds proteins to the hair shaft, while honey moisturizes and adds shine. Enjoy!